EFT + Craniosacral

Current Covid-19 regulations call for hands-on therapy to be conducted outdoors in the open air. During this time I am offering OUTDOOR PATIO sessions in North Hollywood.                                                                                  For more information please call or text 323 813 1127

Santina talks about EFT and CST on Podcast

Alternative Complimentary Therapies

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch healing technique developed by Dr. John E. Upledger it encompasses the body’s nervous system, the cranium and the spine.  Craniosacral therapy induces deep relaxation and alleviates many symptoms caused by stress, anxiety, PTSD,  and trauma, such as headaches, old repetitive pains, impact injuries and many other ailments as well as emotional challenges. CST brings balance and healing to the body’s  central nervous system by improving cerebral spinal fluid flow while aiding the body’s natural ability to self-correct and release tensions. Although Craniosacral therapy is deeply relaxing and balancing it is not a massage. During a therapy session you lay fully clothed on a massage table, shoes off and float away while you receive light healing touch.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a modality  that utilizes  focused dialogue while tapping on acupoints of the body’s energy meridians, much like  traditional Chinese acupuncture but without the needles.  During a session you are guided to tap on your meridian points by mirroring me while we dialogue. Tapping is extremely effective in releasing stress, anxiety, old traumas, breaking patterns and releasing phobias.  It is possible to remedy longstanding  energy disruptions that cause negative emotions quickly with EFT. Allow your body the opportunity to intuitively  release disruptions and heal naturally, both Craniosacral and EFT therapies can impart deep healing. The timeline for achieving a complete healing is dependent on each individual. During your first session you will experience relaxation in the body, mind or heart.

EFT and CST can be combined for a treatment session or stand alone to gain relief.