Client reviews

“Santina is a gifted healer. She has trained with the best Craniosacral teacher in Southern California. Her Craniosacral sessions, bring deep relaxation to the body, mind and nervous system, and with that deep peace and relaxation, comes deep healing. Santina also treats using EFT Tapping ” Emotional Freedom Technique” this therapy has assisted me to manage my anxiety and a phobia of auditions. Cranial Sacral therapy is a great re-set to an exhausted nervous system, and wonderful for healing trauma. I give Santina my highest recommendation!”  Natalie E.

“I had been dealing with significant lower back and hip pain for the last year and a half, I had gone through a round of physical therapy, tried acupuncture and yoga. I was healing, but very slowly. When Santina first explained craniosacral therapy to me, I was a bit skeptical. But after a few house calls, I began to notice that the persistent discomfort I was experiencing was becoming less frequent, and the soreness from my physical therapy sessions was less intense. I played basketball and went running again for the first time in months, and I was relatively pain free. If you’re open minded and you want to experience stress relief and healing, I recommend giving craniosacral therapy with Santina a shot.”  Gregory J.

“Coping with the intensity of full-time parental care, and the strain of familial issues that may arise surrounding it, I found myself in need of relief, a way to maintain my health, and positivity in the face of adversity. Under these circumstances, one may concede to the fact that a well-balanced and healthy life is necessary to maintain. I contemplated obtaining counseling, and visiting acupuncture again. Both are a good combination of choices, as is anything that contributes positively to health and well-being. But when I heard of EFT treatment, curiosity compelled me to research. Already looking at options to help me take care of myself, I was more than game to try this treatment, and so I did, with positive results. I was pleasantly surprised by the impact of this treatment, and the relief it gave me. Santina Giordano is extremely effective in her approach, and immediately puts one at ease. I initially perceived it as an unconventional treatment, but that perception quickly became inconsequential when I experienced the results and healthier after effects. I think it’s true that for any kind of treatment to be positively effective, one must be open, ready, and willing. That said, I highly recommend EFT Craniosacral Wellness with Santina Giordano to those who are seeking helpful relief, or pro active care to well-being.”  Grit M.